July 8, 2012


In science, either you believe in theory or you believe in experiments. Me, I’ve always been an experimentalist. The best way to know something is to try it.

For years I’ve made the same commute from home to work, but until now I’ve never done the obvious experiment: Which is the best route to take? Home is between the 30th Ave (N/Q) and Steinway St (R/M) stations, and work is between the 137 St (1) and 145 St (A/B/C/D) stations.

  1. Old Reliable: Only two trains, but lots of stops.
  2. King of Queens: Shortest line on the map, but 3 trains.
  3. The Duke Ellington: Only two trains, but the transfer at Times Square is a loong walk
  4. Yankees Gambit: The 4 is fast, but involves 3 trains and the Bronx
  5. 7th Son of a 7th Son: A dark horse, but the transfer at Queensboro Plaza is the easiest imaginable.

I already have some preliminary data, so I think I know the winner. Anyone want to make a bet? Or suggest an alternative?

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    Science, Part 1
  2. nsomn said: When calculating routes I mulitply the total number of stops by 3 (minutes) and add 10 minutes for each transfer, then pick the route with the smallest number. But I don’t live in NY, so YMMV.
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    We should ask the cast of Seinfeld in order that we might reach the truth. Not the actors, the characters. They’ll...
  4. zanmcquade said: You’re missing a very important and viable 6th option: The Midtown Gambit. Take the N/Q to 57th, get out and walk to Columbus Circle, then you have your choice of the A or D train, whatever comes first. Relies more on walking, but you are in control of your own fate. I think…
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    This is probably the most important question I have ever seen. You must now all ponder it.
  6. awpeeps said: I don’t think you gave us enough information to make a bet. I need to know the walking times between end destination stops, because there’s a sizable difference between the 1, ACE, & BD so if you’re measuring door to door, it’s more than just trains.
  7. stryker said: move to hamilton heights!
  8. rendit said: Duke Ellington was from DC YOU FUCK.
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  10. peterfeld said: hate to say it but you should get a car.
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